Companies and organizations with research activities in Sweden (with or without ongoing WASP collaboration), WASP affiliated researchers including postdocs, and WASP PhD students are welcome to participate in the WASP Industry Days.

  • Registration to attend WING Day is open until September 5. However, registration to participate in group discussions are closed by June 30.
  • Registration to the WARA Expo and Challenge clinics is closed.

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How to Participate

You can choose to participate in one, two or three days and on different levels of engagement. Do you just want to listen to presentations and mingle, or find new collaboration partners for your next research project? We hope that you find all the information you need on the website to make your choices.

The number of participants are limited and will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.

Activities that Require Specific Registration

To engage in the following activites during WASP Industry Days 2022, you need to state this when you register to the event.

Focus Group Discussions

Facilitated group discussions concerning a research challenge that a company wish to discuss with researchers. The discussions will be held on WING Day, September 20.
Target group: Companies, WASP researchers, WASP PhD students

Poster Exhibition

A poster exhibition will be offered on WING Day, September 20.
Target group: Mainly WASP PhD students but WASP Postdocs are also welcome

Speaker’s Corner

Present your organization, or a challenge you have and wish to interact with the audience around. Speaker’s corner is an opportunity to have a short presentation on stage but in a more relaxed setting. The Speaker’s corner will be open on WING Day, September 20.
Target group: Companies and public sector

Gränsö Exhibition

Registration to Gränsö is now closed. An exhibition will be arranged at the WASP Research Arena’s Expo at Gränsö on September 21. Focus of the presentations should be on cross-sector collaboration.
Target group: Companies and public sector, WASP researchers and PhD students

Challenge Clinics

Academic discussions regarding the future of the WASP Research Arenas  held on Gränsö slott,  September 22. The conference will be structured in several topical tracks.
Target group: Researchers from industry and academia, WASP PhD students

Transfer and Shuttle Service

Pre-booking is needed for WASP arranged transfer between Norrköping and Gränsö slott, and for shuttle service between Gränsö slott and Västervik.

Important Dates

May 25-June 30

Main event registration open (all days)

June 30-September 5

Registration to WING Day is open


  • Group discussion registration open (companies)
  • Register a poster (PhD students)
  • Register to Speaker’s Corner (companies)
  • Register to Gränsö Exhibition (all)
  • Choose a challenge to discuss at WING Day (researchers/PhD students)

September 13

Confirmation and schedule for group discussions are communicated