WASP Industry Days 2022

Welcome to the annual conference WASP Industry Days. A meeting place for industry and academic researchers within the WASP program.

WASP Industry Days 2022 is a multi-day event on September 20-22 aimed at promoting exchanges between academia and business, where participants get the opportunity to network, discuss common research interests and experience WASP’s unique collaboration environments.

The event will especially highlight how the enabling technologies in autonomous systems, AI and software augment different aspects of human intelligence and capabilities, from the cognitive to the physical in mixed domains.

WING Day, September 20 in Norrköping, Louis de Geer

WASP Industry Networking Gathering is a forum where company representatives meet WASP’s researchers and PhD students to identify common research issues based on companies’ challenges. Presentations by top international researchers adds insights to the exchanges together with leading Swedish industry representatives.
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WASP Research Arenas Expo, September 21-22 in Västervik, Gränsö slott

The WASP Research Arenas, WARA, present their activities including a live demonstration and exhibition. Participants also get ample time to network with each other. The event concludes with academic challenge clinics, staking out the future direction of the WARAs.
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Who can participate?

This conference targets researchers and decision-makers within companies with research in Sweden, and academic researchers in the WASP community, including WASP postdocs. New for this year is that the conference is also open for WASP PhD students.