The focus of the day is targeted workshops aimed at discussing the future academic focus of the WASP Research Arenas in the form of challenge clinics.


09:00 Start of program (Warehouse)

  • Welcome & Introduction Bo Wahlberg, KTH
  • Keynote presentation Professor Dimos Dimarogonas, KTH – Multi-robot coordination under spatiotemporal constraints
  • Keynote presentation Professor Jonas Lundberg, LiU –  Human-AI Teaming for mission-critical autonomous systems

10:20 Coffee (Warehouse)

10:30 Parallell challenge clinics & workshops

  1. Human AI Teaming (Magasinet/Warehouse)
  2. Collaborative Heterogeneous Agents/Robots in Mixed Domains (Magasinet/Warehouse)
  3. Data Management for AI-Driven Generation and Processing of Media (Magasinet/Warehouse)
  4. Future of WARA Robotics (Baronen,Slottet/Mansion)
  5. Future of WARA Common (included in Data Management..)
  6. Closed group: Public sector organizations (Café)
  7. Closed Group: Brazil-ADS (to be announced)
  8. Admin (N/A)
  9. Tech & field tests (Stallet/Stable)

12:00 Lunch (Slottet/Mansion)

13:00 Cont. Challenge clinics

14:00  Coffee (Magasinet/Warehouse)

14:15 Summing up and concluding words (Magasinet/Warehouse), Bo Wahlberg, KTH & Jesper Tordenlid, WARA-PS

  • Reporting back from each clinic
  • Summary and activities going forward

15:00 End of Program

(15:30 Bus leaves for Norrköping)